S’more Geeks #001


S’more Geeks #001

It’s here! The first episode of the S’more Geeks Podcast. On the show we talk Star Wars Episode 7, JJ Abrams and the future of the Star Wars Franchise. We review a few ios and android apps and look into what the future has in store in the world of Tv and Film.

Links mentioned on the show today.

Vine for ios

GI Joe: Retaliation trailer

Hasbro’s Star Wars “Black Series”

Microsoft IllumiRoom

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2 Thoughts on “S’more Geeks #001

  1. Mariah Jensen on March 6, 2013 at 1:58 am said:

    I’ve only listened to this first one but I LOVE your podcast. I’ve listened to a couple other Star Wars podcasts but most of them have been rather negative about the SW franchise and their choices etc. Maybe it’s because I’m younger or something but I love everything about Star Wars and maybe they don’t do everything the way I want but I don’t go hating on it like I hear a good majority of fans do. Thanks for sounding excited and a true fan of SW, while you express your opinions and dislikes you don’t do it in a hateful way (that I’ve heard lol) I’m excited to hear more 🙂 (sorry for the excessive comment haha)

    • smoregeeks on March 9, 2013 at 4:42 pm said:

      Thanks for listening, and your comments! We love Star Wars, all of it. Some I might love less but there is no room here for just bad mouthing all the little things. Thats no fun to listen to. – Chris

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