S’more Geeks #002


S’more Geeks #002

Superman Lives

This week, we look into movie fails. Tim Burton’s failed attempt to Superman to the big screen in 1997, and the kickstarter campaign to document the story.

News was confirmed that Disney / Lucasfilm are indeed producing “spinoff” films. Rumors are flying around of a Han Solo adventure and a Boba Fett centered story. In addtion Aintitcoolnews.com reports one of these films centers around our favorite little green friend, Yoda

We cover how fans can get early access to JJ Abram’s Star Trek : Into Darkness

The Ouya is coming to brick and mortar stores this summer, we have the details

The latest casting news on the Marvel cinematic universe

We review a few websites as well.

James looks at 3djoes.com and Chris helps you cut your cable by finding information about what is streaming online with canistream.it


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