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S’more Geeks #012


S’more Geeks #012

Defiance, Star Trek into darkness trailer premiers alongside a new Man of Steel trailer, Plus we welcome independent filmmaker Eric Boggs to the campfire to talk about his upcoming film A Day in Limbo


What are you into?
Chris – minigolf matchup (ios)
James –  Injustice Gods among us

News and Developments

The big summer movie season is upon us and just about everyone is releasing a final trailer or at least a full length trailer. Star Trek revealed a much darker tone, and showed off its grander scope of what the story is about.

Man of Steel’s new trailer  is finally showing some of the action and giving us a better understanding of the main plot line. Also of note Zach Snyder is out and about saying this is the first superman film without Kryptonite.

News that is not news
Disney basically confirmed what we already figured. Starting the summer of 2015 we will get a new star wars film a summer. We knew this already based on what they said about taking a page out of the marvel cinematic universe roadmap.

Movie Box office predictions
Chris and James pick what they think the top films will be for the summer.

Defiance Premieres
Syfy has put all their cards on the table with their new 100 million dollar show. It paid off at least for now. The pilot was their highest rated anything since 2009. Find out what we think about the new show and if we believe it has a future.

Around the Campfire
Indie filmmaker Eric Boggs and his feature film

Fast 5– Chris asks James

Stuff we like

James –  @seinfeldtoday twitter

Chris – Patton Oswalt’s Star wars filibuster on Parks and Rec

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