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S’more Geeks #105


smore105The CW will bring all the heroes to your screen for free with a new app. James and Chris know the plot of Jurassic World 2 and we share…ok we make something up… Plus a Star Wars the Force Awakens alum joins the cast of Power Rangers as Alpha 5, Nintendo NX confirmation, Rouge One expectations and much more!


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S’more Geeks #67


smore67Ghostbusters has their new cast, GO-BOTS could be a movie…no joke. Ever want to wander around a German battleship fighting Cylons, well now you can. All that plus our memories and our excitement builds for more Jurassic Park!

S’more Geeks #61


Talking trailers this week, from Star Wars to Jurassic World. James and Chris receive word of a proposed special edition of the classic Battlestar Galactica series with new effects, Dorks rip off Walmart with Amazon, and much much more!

S’more Geeks #51


X-men Days of Future Past has arrived and we rank all of the x-men films and discuss the latest film. Plus big news on Jurassic World and much more!

S’more Geeks #23 “Jurassic What?”


smore23Big show this week, from the new Apple iPhones, Sony reveals the Ps Vita TV, to the new release date for Marvel’s Ant-Man. We are running a contest to win loads of prizes. To enter go to iTunes and rate and review the show, then email or tweet us your username and you will receive a comixology download code. On a future show we will then raffle off for big prizes. What are you waiting for?

S’more Geeks #011


S’more Geeks #011

SMORE11What are you into?
Chris – Injustice gods among us (ipad game)

James –  Injustice Comic

News and Developments

Just announced – Batman: Arkham origins will be hitting consoles everywhere in the fall.

The game will take place chronologically before Arkham City and Arkham Asylum and will focus on a “young, unrefined’ Batman as he battles many of his foes for the first time. The cover, posted below, also features the series villain Deathstroke, who has yet to appear in an Arkham series game.

(3ds vita) Blackgate will be a “completely separate experience” taking place after the events of Origins. The game is in development with Armature Studio and will be a 2.5D Metroid-style exploration game.

Edgar Wright tweets that he directed one shot from a big upcoming film this summer. Then after many tweets in response he said well some of you got it right. The guess is he has shot the after credits scene for Iron Man 3, presumably we will get to see Ant-Man.

Totaly rad trailer for Neill Blomkamp‘s second film, Elysium

Update on Lucasarts closing, Kotaku is sharing some more “leaked” footage from incomplete projects. One in question looks to be a newer version of a battlefront type game.


Around the Campfire
The TechnoRetro Dads come to talk about some great, perhaps forgotten great gems from the 70’s and 80’s and discuss their podcast.

Fast 5– James asks Chris

Stuff we like
James –  Playstation plus
Chris – Jurassic Park 3d, don’t miss it! Also Hyperlapse, uses street view data to make awesome videos! try it out.

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