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S’more Geeks #66


Disney executes Order 66 on George Lucas’ original Episode 7 story, Russia has invented a murderous robot, What is Dark Blue, and why did we have to find out? Plus the Marvel Universe is done as we know it. All that and much more on this terrifying episode!

S’more Geeks #011


S’more Geeks #011

SMORE11What are you into?
Chris – Injustice gods among us (ipad game)

James –  Injustice Comic

News and Developments

Just announced – Batman: Arkham origins will be hitting consoles everywhere in the fall.

The game will take place chronologically before Arkham City and Arkham Asylum and will focus on a “young, unrefined’ Batman as he battles many of his foes for the first time. The cover, posted below, also features the series villain Deathstroke, who has yet to appear in an Arkham series game.

(3ds vita) Blackgate will be a “completely separate experience” taking place after the events of Origins. The game is in development with Armature Studio and will be a 2.5D Metroid-style exploration game.

Edgar Wright tweets that he directed one shot from a big upcoming film this summer. Then after many tweets in response he said well some of you got it right. The guess is he has shot the after credits scene for Iron Man 3, presumably we will get to see Ant-Man.

Totaly rad trailer for Neill Blomkamp‘s second film, Elysium

Update on Lucasarts closing, Kotaku is sharing some more “leaked” footage from incomplete projects. One in question looks to be a newer version of a battlefront type game.


Around the Campfire
The TechnoRetro Dads come to talk about some great, perhaps forgotten great gems from the 70’s and 80’s and discuss their podcast.

Fast 5– James asks Chris

Stuff we like
James –  Playstation plus
Chris – Jurassic Park 3d, don’t miss it! Also Hyperlapse, uses street view data to make awesome videos! try it out.

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S’more Geeks #010 Game of Thrones


S’more Geeks #010 Game of Thrones

smore10With April first only a few days ago, we look at the best April fools stuff found online.

What are you into?

Chris – Picked up Thanos Rising #1, and Harbinger Wars #1

James – Bioshock Infinite

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News and Developments

Phase 2 Video – Starts with Ironman, ends with Avengers 2. The video shows concept art from Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America:Winter Soldier, and quick shots of that Ant-man test footage, Falcon and more.

In related news, Zoe Saldana is in talks to play Gamora in GOTG. She would join Chris Pratt, and Dave Bautista in the film directed by James Gunn

We discuss vadering and lucas arts closing its doors

New meme we actually like. Vadering.

Disney shuts down Lucasarts, and cancels all projects. Moves company into a License only model

Topic of discussion –

Game of Thrones Season 3 is here! The white walkers, Daenerys dragons are growing up so fast! Snow the crow no more? Where is Arya?

GOT had great ratings, but it also was breaking torrent records.

HBO Go releases the show just minutes after it starts on the channel. Instead of the next day as what we see with most digital avenues of distribution of content.

Fast 5– Chris asks James

Stuff we like

James – Imagine Dragons

Chris – Room 237 , Jurassic Park Honest Trailer 

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