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S’more Geeks #88


We take a look at our favorite movies, games and more from 2015 plus what movies to be excited about in 2016. Oculus sets the price for the Rift and some people are not very happy! Voltron is returning this year plus how we feel about Star Wars the Force Awakens now that we’ve seen it a few more times.

S’more Geeks #43 X-Men, Avengers, The Informal


smore43Summer movies are around the corner and on this episode we take a look at the latest X-Men : DOFP trailer, We have word from the front lines about the new Captain America film straight from the UK! The Avengers are in production as we have seen the leaks! Facebook has decided to get into the VR business, and James from The Informal drops by to talk about food, beer and Star Wars. All that and more on the latest episode of S’more Geeks


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S’more Geeks Extra #1


S’more Geeks Extra #1

SMORE11XGoogle Fiber, Oculus Rift, Areo tv service!

The last episode of S’more Geeks had soo much it couldn’t fit into one episode so here is a bonus episode for all to enjoy.

Chris and James discuss Google fiber expanding to Austin Texas as well as a TV over the internet company thats causing Fox to threaten to take the network to cable subscribers only!

Also we want to say a big thanks to all who share the podcast with their friends! Listen to see if you get a shout out on this special episode

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