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S’more Geeks #101


smore101Season 5 Premiere! We have the latest on what Sony will announce on September 7th. Plus news that will make Trek fans upset about the new series coming soon to CBS All Access and we take some time to catch up on the summer of 2016! Plus your chance to win game codes for Playstation and PC!

S’more Geeks #98


SMORE98This week we have details on CBS’s upcoming Star Trek series, when it takes place in the timeline and what we want to see in a new series. HBO wants you to watch the Game of Thrones premiere legally this weekend, Harrison Fords broken bones made The Force Awakens better, and updates from James Cameron and much much more!

S’more Geeks #83


smore83Big news from the world of Star Trek this week involving future plans for a return to Television. The world of Warcraft is coming to theaters next year and the first teaser trailer has arrived, plus we spotlight a fantastic fan film based on a Nintendo franchise. Plus new Star Wars The Force Awakens character posters reveal some hidden secrets along with the reason Activision hasn’t abandoned last generations consoles. All that and more on this week’s episode of S’more Geeks!

S’more Geeks #66


Disney executes Order 66 on George Lucas’ original Episode 7 story, Russia has invented a murderous robot, What is Dark Blue, and why did we have to find out? Plus the Marvel Universe is done as we know it. All that and much more on this terrifying episode!

S’more Geeks #23 “Jurassic What?”


smore23Big show this week, from the new Apple iPhones, Sony reveals the Ps Vita TV, to the new release date for Marvel’s Ant-Man. We are running a contest to win loads of prizes. To enter go to iTunes and rate and review the show, then email or tweet us your username and you will receive a comixology download code. On a future show we will then raffle off for big prizes. What are you waiting for?

S’more Geeks #17 – Dallas Comic Con


smore17On this week’s episode of S’more Geeks, Chris and James hit Dallas Comic Con and record the first ever show together in the same room. Join us as we discuss the happenings at Dallas Comic Con plus spoiler free discussion of the new Star Trek Film and a show highlight from the Adam Baldwin Q&A panel.


johnny5As mentioned, here is the Johnny 5 costume.

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S’more Geeks #012


S’more Geeks #012

Defiance, Star Trek into darkness trailer premiers alongside a new Man of Steel trailer, Plus we welcome independent filmmaker Eric Boggs to the campfire to talk about his upcoming film A Day in Limbo


What are you into?
Chris – minigolf matchup (ios)
James –  Injustice Gods among us

News and Developments

The big summer movie season is upon us and just about everyone is releasing a final trailer or at least a full length trailer. Star Trek revealed a much darker tone, and showed off its grander scope of what the story is about.

Man of Steel’s new trailer  is finally showing some of the action and giving us a better understanding of the main plot line. Also of note Zach Snyder is out and about saying this is the first superman film without Kryptonite.

News that is not news
Disney basically confirmed what we already figured. Starting the summer of 2015 we will get a new star wars film a summer. We knew this already based on what they said about taking a page out of the marvel cinematic universe roadmap.

Movie Box office predictions
Chris and James pick what they think the top films will be for the summer.

Defiance Premieres
Syfy has put all their cards on the table with their new 100 million dollar show. It paid off at least for now. The pilot was their highest rated anything since 2009. Find out what we think about the new show and if we believe it has a future.

Around the Campfire
Indie filmmaker Eric Boggs and his feature film

Fast 5– Chris asks James

Stuff we like

James –  @seinfeldtoday twitter

Chris – Patton Oswalt’s Star wars filibuster on Parks and Rec

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S’more Geeks #006 Kill Cable


S’more Geeks #006 Kill Cable

Star Wars news, Iron Man 3 and Trek Trailers, And how to cut the cord and kill your cable bill once and for all!


What are you into?

Chris – Star Wars: Scoundrels

James – Spec Ops – The Line

Good news!

George Lucas himself let loose a few leaks about the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7!

“We had already signed Mark and Carrie and Harrison—or we were pretty much in final stages of negotiation. So I called them to say, ‘Look, this is what’s going on.’ ” He pauses. “Maybe I’m not supposed to say that. I think they want to announce that with some big whoop-de-do, but we were negotiating with them.” Then he adds: “I won’t say whether the negotiations were successful or not.”

Iron Man 3 Trailergiving us more mandarin and Holy crap, ton of Iron Men/Women

New Star Trek  into darkness trailer – Further evidence that Star Wars is in good hands

Main Topic – Cutting the cord and killing your cable bill

Chris recently just cancled his cable bill and replaced it with a DIY media center pc running XBMC

While many other options exsist including the Roku 3, Apple Tv or just using your gaming consoles the XBMC platform lets you have complete control over your setup, and allows for the community to built plugins and addons to the platform.

Built your own with this great guide from Lifehacker

Stuff We Like 

Chris – http://xmenwithgooglyeyes.tumblr.com/

James – Movie “Safety not Guaranteed”

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S’more Geeks #002


S’more Geeks #002

Superman Lives

This week, we look into movie fails. Tim Burton’s failed attempt to Superman to the big screen in 1997, and the kickstarter campaign to document the story.

News was confirmed that Disney / Lucasfilm are indeed producing “spinoff” films. Rumors are flying around of a Han Solo adventure and a Boba Fett centered story. In addtion Aintitcoolnews.com reports one of these films centers around our favorite little green friend, Yoda

We cover how fans can get early access to JJ Abram’s Star Trek : Into Darkness

The Ouya is coming to brick and mortar stores this summer, we have the details

The latest casting news on the Marvel cinematic universe

We review a few websites as well.

James looks at 3djoes.com and Chris helps you cut your cable by finding information about what is streaming online with canistream.it


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